"How can you love 
   if you are not there ?"
        Thich Nhat Hanh

As you may know, our heart is the first organ to develop and begin beating.  Our heart is our primary intelligence and gathers more information than our brains.  Unfortunately, due to these early environmental learnings, (in an attempt to protect us, it is all about survival), our minds begin to override our hearts deeper knowing.  
The good news !   As we learn to love and accept ourselves; we will experience more peace and joy in our lives !  

Welcome, I'm so glad you are here ! 

You are Perfect!
As infants and children, you are Perfect!  You were born into this world beautiful, innocent and precious.  So if this is true, why all the suffering and stuckness?  
Well, most of us did not receive all the love and acceptance, the security and safety that we needed as children.  Many of us grew up with an experience of less than; it's like a filter that reads, "I'm not good enough, I'm not smart enough, I have the wrong body, the wrong color," it goes on and on. And we adopt these messages as truth, they are our earliest teachings. These learnings become our beliefs even when they couldn"t be further from the truth!  Armored with these untruths we go forward in life attracting what we believe and behave accordingly.  This is not to blame or shame our parents.  One of my dearest early inspirators, Louise Hay, puts it this way, "We are all just victims of victims."  

So we need not get stuck in blame, but we do need to assess the damage. We must be honest with ourselves, how well your life is going and how you take care of yourself will be big clues as to where healing is calling to you.

Cia A Robles BS, CHT

Intuitive ~ Hypnotherapist ~ Trauma Healing Prac ~ 


A practice of Love & Acceptance - from suffering to resilience & joy.

Love is your true nature.