"How can you love
 if you are not there ?"
            Thich Nhat Hanh

It Runs Deep and It Sucks !

This is a title that came to me during some of my own exploration and healing work around family of origin.  I was born the oldest girl child of four siblings, and two older brothers (which I did not get to know until my adult life), in a Hispanic family, and raised Catholic.   The family environment went from violence to suppression, I was emotionally abused, beaten, molested;  I felt that I had little to no value. I learned to distance myself and lived as if removed  by some kind of invisible fence.  I often a puzzle as to how I survived; but that is what all organisms do, we survive if we possibly can and adapt ourselves accordingly.   I learned to be overly responsible at a very early age, a  gift and a curse.
For as long as I can remember, people have come to me with their problems. I was fascinated by philosophy and psychology, searching for answers, trying to understand what the hell was going on in my world.   I did not turn to God; I felt he had ignored and betrayed me. 
After some years of what seemed like devastating choices, still only in my early 20's, I discovered the world of holistic health.  This expanded my awareness which thankfully lead me to spirituality.  There followed more years of poor choices and their consequences, driving me to want to know myself more deeply.    
Today I am happy to find myself with a rich spiritual life; studying and soaking up the findings of the more contemporary scientific community of neuroscience, heart coherence studies, quantum physics, epigenetics and brain plasticity.  This all corroborates what I have known intuitively for so long, I feel affirmed and supported by my own essential self and my healing path !

We can heal !

With so much available as to how to make changes and heal, why isn't everyone done already? Let's
face it, it can be hard to make changes!
And what is that about?

The person you are today began at conception and maybe even before. What you think, feel and how you behave are based on your early environment experience. You were a good little learner.   Our nervous system gets set according to that early  time, basically fight, flight or freeze.  We become magnets to what is comfortable, the familiar, as in family.  So when we begin the bussinesss of change, the Self that was so well developed to protect us literally feels it is being murdered, it is terrified, it does not want to cooperate, The Resistance Monster,  is alive and well!  It comes up with every reason under the sun that the changes you are about to make will be wrong, dangerous, it is very convincing, (all unconscious of course).   In the past, everything I accomplished was done the hard way, seriously, not good. Today, I am choosing ease and grace.  I can help you make this choice too !  
In my therapy practice, I work primarily from my highly developed intuition.  My own Hypnotherpeutics; focuses on the breath; quiet, stillness and inner honesty.  This system brings the heart into coherence and balances the brain.  I assist clients in understanding their nervous system and how to develop resilience.  I work as a bridge, supporting the client from fear and resistance to trust and faith.  My background includes traditional psychology, hypnosis, energy work, somatics, bodywork, nutrition, ministry and trauma healing. I currently completing a three year program, Somatic Experience Trauma Healing Practitioner certification.  I have also developed a method called, the L A Hug, a love and acceptance, deep healing process.  
My work is important to me, You are important to me.
          I invite you to begin today, get
    your inherent peace and joy back.  

A practice of Love & Acceptance - from suffering to resilience & joy.